Winter Duvet With Sleeves

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The must this Winter! What's better than staying under the comforter? The problem is that you can't do anything once your arms are warm... With this comforter stay active even in bed!

Those who read in bed, use the phone or laptop and don't want to get cold feet can now buy this comforter with sleeves. Put the sleeves on and you can take your arms out without feeling cold during the day. It's a super practical, warm and comfortable blanket!

Thanks to this duvet you can drink your hot chocolate while watching your movie, and you always stay warm.

Some people move around a lot while they sleep, in winter they wake up with cold arms. This can interfere with sleep, as they may wake up several times during the night. But thanks to the comforter with sleeves, this problem is over, the whole body stays warm and most importantly, the comforter will not fall on the floor.

The material is of quality, it is light, the sewing is perfect since it is handmade, the patterns and colors are adorable.

An integrated zipper covers the upper part of the comforter, which allows you to use it comfortably and matches any size. 


  • Machine washable.
  • Design with sleeves, fine stitching.
  • Warm, soft and comfortable.
  • The sleeves are so soft and fine, with such attractive colors.
  • Quilting technology.


    • Very soft fabric that you don't want to leave
    • 6 models to satisfy all tastes
    • Material: Polyester / Cotton
    • Dimensions: 150 x 200 cm
    • Available in several models


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